Taurus 709 Slim Gun Review

Bottom Line

We were very impressed with the Taurus 709 Slim pistol and we can, therefore, recommend it to our readers.

This review will, in no uncertain terms, let you know that Taurus 709 Slim is an impressive gun. Or rather, impressive for what it is and what it offers.

It’s small and slim, which might put you off. However, it’s also very safe and very precise in performance, and you can buy it at a very low price.

Right here, in the first paragraph, you have the basic features. Small, economical, great for conceal-carrying, powerful, safe, inexpensive – sounds great, right? But, that’s merely scratching the surface of what Taurus 709 Slim is capable of. And like many other Taurus products, it’s worth every penny spent.

A Little About Taurus

Before moving onto the gun itself, the review will focus a little bit on the company making it.

Forjas Taurus

In the early years of the Second World War, a small company in Porto Alegre, Brazil, started producing firearms. Soon after, they got new management, namely Bangor Punta, the owners of now-famous Smith & Wesson.

After years of exchanges and collaborations between the two companies, Beretta also secured a contract in Forjas Taurus to make small firearms for the Brazilian military.

The late seventies saw the rise of new, Brazilian bosses and the eventual buying-off of Forjas Taurus from Bangor Punta. Parallel to that, the new management also purchased back the factory under Beretta. Improvements in the Beretta pistol design were coming soon after, resulting in two highly-acclaimed models – Taurus PT-92 and Taurus PT-99.

Taurus Holdings, Inc.

Fast-forward to the early eighties. Forjas Taurus opened up a new factory complex in Miami, Florida, naming it Taurus Holdings, Inc. This new company itself formed what was called Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. At first, this newcomer in the gun business was going unnoticed by most American gun enthusiasts.

However, in just two years, they were all over the place. This turn of events was all thanks to Taurus being the first to issue Lifetime repair policies for their products. The minute they did that, their business boomed, and other companies took notice.

Today, Taurus makes firearms for tens of thousands satisfied (and a few less satisfied) customers worldwide. With that much history, it’s no wonder that the Taurus 709 Slim is as good as it is.

Taurus 709 Slim – Briefly

So, what can possibly make Taurus 709 Slim stand out when compared to other popular brands out there? What does this conceal-carry arm bring to the table, you ask?

Let’s start by literally judging the book by its cover. The 709 Slim is merely 6 inches long. Six entire inches, folks! If ever you needed a gun to conceal-carry, this is the one. However, it’s not only short but also lightweight. Most of the materials it’s made of aren’t heavy, so it won’t drag you down while using or carrying it.

Naturally, length and weight alone aren’t enough for most gun lovers. So we turn to the price.

Later in this review, you’ll see just how affordable 709 Slim is, but we can touch upon that briefly right here. Normally the prices of these guns drive away potential customers. But, anything below $300 is a bargain you cannot afford (pardon the pun) to miss.

Taurus 709 Slim – In Depth

The Build

Most of 709 Slim’s predecessors were small and compact in size, and with good reason. A gun user partial to conceal-carry arms knows what we’re talking about. However, let’s focus more on the weight. The good people at Taurus opted to make a compact, slim, and durable frame. You love the six inches in length, but you’ll absolutely adore that one inch in width.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly – a single inch wide, durable handgun. Any gun that fits nice and snugly into a holster and is easy to draw out gets a plus from us. And if you prefer conceal-carrying, it’ll definitely earn a plus from you too.

How durable can this gun be for its length and weight, exactly? Don’t worry, the answer to that is “exceptionally durable.” The frame itself consists of a lightweight polymer material. It will, therefore, perform well and last for many shootings to come. It comes with a steel slide, which merely adds more to the overall “toughness” of this little beast.

The Sight

In terms of sights, Taurus 709 Slim has a regular 3-dot system. On top of that, it also contains an adjustable rear sight. Taurus is not the first manufacturer to opt for this particular system. It is precise and accurate, and you will see this for yourself when you purchase and use 709 Slim.


Most gun enthusiasts that have already reviewed this pistol rate it as one of the safest. This opinion is not just because of the safety systems, which you will learn about shortly. It’s also because the trigger has a decent weight to it, and pulling it is hard, even for more beefy gun owners.

The safety features of Taurus 709 Slim includes two types of safety measures: manual and trigger. You can prevent the gun from shooting by turning the key at a specific spot on the gun.

Losing this safety mechanism is impossible, as it is right there within the gun itself. Furthermore, there’s an indicator for a loaded chamber to add to the overall security. No worries – this indicator will not mess with your gun while you use it.

709 Slim’s Magazine

Capacity and Availability

Indeed, what good gun doesn’t have a good magazine to go with it? Taurus 709 Slim’s particular magazine holds 7 + 1 rounds. Yes, that’s quite a bit for a tiny gun like 709 Slim.

Of course, another bonus feature is that you can use any rounds, though we’d suggest you don’t go too crazy with experimenting. The third, long-awaited bonus for Taurus products is that now you can buy this magazine anywhere. In fact, you can do it directly from the manufacturer.

Naturally, some of you good folks prefer extended mags. What’s not to like – better grip, more rounds to shoot, etc. Well, feel free to peruse a variety of those. One we would always recommend is the ProMag, the extended magazine with the highest performance on the market.


It’s one thing for the gun to be lightweight, but an entirely different issue when you include bullets. Without the magazine (or more accurately, without rounds), 709 Slim weighs 16 ounces. With rounds, it averages close to 22. That’s not a terrible difference in weight, and you can still use it easily and accurately.


Taurus’ Lifetime Repair Policy is not just for show. If your gun breaks and its repair falls under this policy, feel free to take it to the nearest company to get it fixed. Some of the common complaints about this particular model were about ammo bulging and sights breaking off.

Actually, Taurus models often have these issues, which could cause you to reconsider and choose a different option.

Overall Pros and Cons of Taurus 709 Slim

You’ve seen what this gun can do. You’ve also read what issues you might have. Nevertheless, let us break them down in a comprehensive list below.

Taurus 709 Slim, When It’s All Said and Done

Definitely, every person who carries a concealed weapon will desire to have a Taurus 709 Slim. It’s a lightweight, precise, long-lasting gun that has a seamless grip and several safety precautions. If by chance it malfunctions, repairing and replacing it is straightforward as Taurus offers a contract for it.

To top it all off, it’s under $300 – practically a steal. Don’t wait any longer, get one today.

The Pros:

  • It’s lightweight and durable – perfect for conceal-carryingrnIt’s safe – there are several safety methods in place not to make it go off by accidentrnComfortable grip – most users will handle it without feeling awkwardrnEasy field stripping – you can disassemble, clean, and repair it anywhere, anytimernSmooth trigger action – this is self-explanatoryrnAccurate while in usernGreat price

The Cons:

  • Sights tend to breakrnAmmo bulging can happenrnDespite the smooth action, the trigger can sometimes be cumbersome to new users

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